Remember your first Bruins game? Probably not!

Why? Because you were probably an infant!

Bruins fans pass down their love for the game and the historic team down to the next generation before they can even speak.

In New England, before a baby can even understand the rules of hockey, they become a Boston Bruins fan. It is just our nature, and why the best hockey fans in the country are right here in New England. *Says the big bad Bruins fan in a super biased tone*

Well, NESN recognized one of these immediate Bruins fans and his dad, New Hampshire's own Jesse Buzzell.

Jesse Buzzel via Facebook
Jesse Buzzel via Facebook

Buzzell, who lives in Newton, New Hampshire, took his family down to North Carolina to see the Bruins take on the Hurricanes and visit family. But it was Buzzell's infant baby that stole the show during the game.

Check out the adorable clip, broadcasted and reposted for everyone to see.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The second the baby saw his dad banging on the glass, he decided that was the right thing to do. Monkey see, monkey do.

And that is how Bruins fans are born!

Next thing we know, 20 years from now, that baby will be another drunken Boston fan shaking and banging on the glass until it falls. Which, if you remember, happened recently.

During the second period against the Carolina Hurricanes (ironic), David Pastrnak scored a goal for the Boston Bruins and the place went bonkers.

Fans were shaking the glass so much that one of the glass panels actually dislodged and fell on one of the penalty box officials, knocking him out cold.

Carolina Hurricanes v Boston Bruins - Game Three

Getty Images

Classic Bruins fans.

Welcome to the big bad bruins fan club, kid. Jesse, way to raise 'em up right!

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