Sunday afternoon some Duxbury boaters had a terrifying encounter with a whale.

According to, they say that a whale breached and struck a small fishing boat off the coast of Duxbury. And, being so close to shore, there are pictures to prove it.

Whales are a common sight in the area, but this whale was too close for comfort!

According to Chuck Richards, the boat’s owner said he just hung on to his son and granddaughter when the whale struck the boat.

Fred Rocket, a witness to the incident thought the boat was going to be pushed over backward for sure, the news station reported.

I would love to see some whales off the coast but not in a small boat!

Thankfully, no one was hurt, but Chuck Richards has a boat with a crack in it that will be needing some repair, WHDH stated. Of course, in typical New England style, the family continued to stay out on the water and enjoy the rest of their Sunday afternoon.

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