This story is EVERYTHING, I promise you!  Meet Dexter who has gained world-wide fame because he walks like a human now.  Dexter learned to walk on his hind legs all on his own, surprising his owner and bringing so much joy to the rest of us.  As a matter of fact, Dexter receives hundreds of fan mail monthly.  But I'll get to that in a minute.

Dexter loves to proudly walk around like a human and make people smile, and he so easily does that.  I've attached video below!  I mean look how absolutely adorable he is I just can't get enough.  I now follow him on Instagram.

Just watch this happy Colorado dog roam New York City without his wheel chair made from that incredible company out of New Hampshire, Walkin' Pets.

So here's the story behind this sweet Brittany Spaniel, Dexter. When he was a puppy, his owner, Kentee Pasek, told CBS News he got out of his backyard, ran into traffic, and was hit by a car and lost one leg while badly damaging the other one, thus he became a wheel chair dog using adaptive equipment to get around. Kentee says, one afternoon he was sitting at the foot of her porch without the wheel chair and she went back inside to grab her cup of coffee.  When she returned, Dexter was at the top of the porch.

She told CBS News that she was completely confused so she picked up Dexter, put him at the bottom of the stairs then grabbed her phone to see how exactly he made his way up the stairs and sure enough, he walked up the stairs like a human and he's never need the adaptive equipment again.

Watching his videos is so inspiring and will always make you smile and laugh.  HIs fan mail arrives from those just happy to learn about him to those that see him as an inspiration with life challenges.  Here's the CBS News story which is hilarious and moving.

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