The world lost one of the greatest singers EVER last week when The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin passed away. There aren't many singers...female or otherwise, who wouldn't say Aretha influenced them in some way or the other.

Her funeral was a long six hour event, filled with singers from all genres of music. Everyone from Motown legend, Smokey Robinson, to Chaka Kahn, to Ariana Grande paid their tribute.

Country music was represented by none other than Faith Hill. Faith sang the spiritual What a Friend We Have in Jesus. I can't imagine how difficult it must have been to stand in front of that church full of people...many whom Faith undoubtedly grew up listening to, and idolizing as a young performer. With emotions at a fever pitch, and butterflies in her stomach she did a great job under the circumstances.

However, many folks took to Twitter to criticize her singing. Personally, I think she did OK. It probably wasn't her best performance. But again, under the circumstances, I'm not gonna hate on Faith.

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