I broadened my horizons today and did something I've never done: I MILKED A COW!

The Deerfield Fair isn't all fun and games, people! The dairy cows aren't going to milk themselves. So I went venturing into the dairy barn to see if I could be of any assistance.

I met Brianna and her cow Dakota (who was not named after the actress Dakota Fanning, I asked) Brianna was kind enough to show me the ropes. Behold my first cow milking experience:

I felt like I didn't know Dakota well enough to be all up in her utters the way that I was. But at the end of the day, she didn't seem to mind. If this radio thing doesn't pan out I think I'd make a decent Dairy Farmer. I might not get much milk out of the cows but I would be really nice to them and talk to them all day.

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