I know wrestling fans around the globe must be stunned by WWE newcomer’s sudden success in the wrestling ring. ESPN.com reports that Rob Gronkowski pinned Mojo Rawley to win the 24/7 title during the second night of WrestleMania 36. He seems pretty excited, especially because there were no cheering fans which is just weird, due to the closures for the pandemic,

WWE chose to film with just the necessary crew and no fans present. The Gronk seems to really get around in his retirement. I’m beginning to think he has a secret twin brother. The WWE 24.7 championship was created in 2019 per ESPN.com. It switches around quite a bit and the title was previously been given to NASCAR driver Kyle Busch and NBA pro-Enes Kanter.

In true Gronk style, at one point in the festivities, Gronk jumped from a balcony in between some matches at the 36th WrestleMania event and landed on a group of wrestlers causing quite a scene. Causing a scene is something that the Gronk excels at better than just about anyone. How’s retirement? Pretty darn busy as I have mentioned in my previous blogs.


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