When the Taylor Swift "Eras Tour" made its stop in Foxboro to perform three sold-out shows last weekend, there was no way you could imagine just how huge this event was. Over Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 200,000 fans packed into the home of the New England Patriots to see the show. But for one couple from Maine that was at the Saturday show, it was really something special.

Robert Martin and his girlfriend Melissa Deering from Buxton, Maine were at that show, and Robert went all out to plan for what would be a big moment in front of a packed stadium on a night there was a torrential downpour.

When Taylor started to sing her hit "Love Story," Robert prepared for the big moment. I can imagine he was nervous but you couldn't tell from this Tik Tok video from Alex Cummings who seemed to be in on the surprise.

Robert handed Melissa something, which we can't quite make out in the video, and then got down on one knee in the rain, in a capacity crowd with "Love Story" blaring, to open a jewelry box with an engagement ring in it and asked Melissa to marry him.

It wasn't long before the crowd near them all turned around to see what the excitement was all about.

Well played Robert! We're not the only ones who think so either. As of this writing, Alex's video on TikTok has gotten 1.2 million views. This truly is a "Love Story" that everyone wants to be a part of.

Congratulations Robert and Melissa!

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