I've lived in New England for all of my 31 years of life. Don't get me wrong, the first snow of the season is always pretty. But it has kind of lost its thrill!

I absolutely love when people post photos and videos of their animals playing in the snow.

Whether they are experiencing snow for the first time or are well seasoned snow lovers it is always precious and their joy is contagious!

Could this beautiful horse be more obsessed with the snow? I think not!

This Husky is loving her snow bed:

Check out this Moose on the side of the Kancamagus Highway seems completely unphased by falling flakes.


These Sandown pups seem to be enjoying their first snow of the season!

Okay, I'm thinking Wallace the cat might want to move to Florida. He's like "MY PAWS! MY PAWS!!!"

Do you have animal that loves to play in the snow? Drop us a photo or video in the comments section. It will brighten our day.

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