Theres nothing like walking into a house and smelling the fresh aromas of fried chicken cooking. Well KFC has found a way for your house to always smell like that even when the chicken is sizzling in the pan!

Behold the the "KFC 11 Herbs and Spices firelog". 'Tis the perfect gift for any fried chicken enthusiast this holiday season.

You can purchase the gift of chicken scented firewood here. Personally, I don't think I want to smell fried chicken unless it means I will be eating it shortly after. Otherwise, it's a bit of a tease!

If you prefer eating your fried chicken as opposed to burning logs that smell like it, the NH KFC locations are: Rochester, Amherst, Seabrook, Somersworth, Londonderry, Nashua, Tilton, Concord and Nashua. 

Merry Christmas and Peace, Love, and Fried Chicken to All!

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