Would you be willing to wear a face mask if it allowed more freedom of movement and more stores could reopen? The experts have weighed in on the issue and they all agree according to fosters.com. Wear a mask to stop the spread. New Hampshire has some local officials and doctors attempting to make mask-wearing in public mandatory for the entire country. Masks are mandatory in certain states like New Jersey and New York but not here yet. But the virus does not know about state lines.

The head of the infectious disease Control program at Exeter Hospital, Jackie Dockham told fosters.com “If you asked me this question four months ago, I might have laughed. I know everyone in China does, but that’s their culture. As we got into this sneaky, nasty virus, I changed my mind. We do not understand enough about this.” Jackie Dockham shares the opinion of Portsmouth Doctor Ben Locwin. Locwin said “People have deferred their ability to exercise various freedoms, and the psychological toll is growing.

But we do need precautions in place for our most vulnerable people.” In the early days of COVID-19’s discovery, it was not known that people that had no symptoms could spread the virus. Since it is respiratory in nature, it is easily spread just by talking and standing to close and breathing on someone.

In the beginning, I was a doubter. I did not want to wear a mask, but my wife makes them, and she told me I could be one of the people that has no symptoms and could spread it to others, including her. She has underlying health issues that make her more vulnerable. That’s when it clicked. If by just wearing the mask I could help others, not just myself, then I am rocking that Harry Potter themed mask she made me. Even though I have never watched the movies.


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