Can you believe it was a decade ago that the Granite State was frozen in time? A massive ice storm wreaked havoc across the state as well as other parts of New England.

An article from the New York Times back in 2008 estimated 1. 25 million homes and businesses across seven states were left without power.

Schools were cancelled, trees that stood for hundreds of years toppled under the weight of the ice, power lines came down causing roadways to be closed and on and on and on.

It took several days to restore power to everyone who went without in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. New Hampshire reported one death during the 2008 ice storm.

However, if you were in New Hampshire in 1998, you remember that massive ice storm which knocked out power to some residents who were in the dark of over a week!

So far, the weather in our region hasn't come close to what is needed to wallop us with a huge ice storm. Let's hope it stays that way. Yes, everything is beautiful to look at and photograph when it's covered in ice, but it's also dangerous.

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