Taking a lead from BTS, the KPop boy band that donated a million dollars to the Black Lives Matter cause, John Cena donated $1Millon to the cause.  BTS started a hashtag campaign, #MatchedAMillion in support of Black Lives Matter and they have surpassed their goal this week in a huge way with John Cena’s donation.


BTS, and their fans the BTS Army, matched the band's initial donation of $1Millon.  The Black Lives Matter activist group has been doing their work since their formation in 2013 after the tragic death of Trayvon Martin.  Cena stated “Change is never easy because it takes us admitting that our efforts and methods may be flawed to a point of server distortion. Be brave and open-minded in these moments.  Welcome ideas and limit excuses. Change is uncomfortable but can yield much more joy for all in the long run.”


You can tell by the way Cena speaks about the cause; it is coming from his heart.  To donate a million dollars is so generous in this difficult time. We have protests and a pandemic and cabin fever from being under stay at home orders for so long.  Change can happen.  I never thought I would see a pro-wrestler/action star be inspired by a Korean Boy Band to donate money to the activist movement, Black Lives Matter.  It just goes to show it takes diversity to make the world go around.  I love the #tags on Cena’s twitter profile.  #NeverGiveUp and #RiseAboveHate.  Together we can change the world for the better.


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