It's that time of year and I'm just getting into it. We went to our first ever high school hockey game over the weekend.

We went to support our daughter Madison's York High School Wildcats!

Lesson learned on how to dress for a hockey game.

You need a coat, maybe a hat and definitely something like a blanket to sit on is a must, especially when there are metal benches like they have at the Dover Ice Arena.

We watched form the stands the first two quarters and then behind our goal the last quarter.

Sammy Cruise
Sammy Cruise


Those pucks come at you fast and they are very loud when they hit the wall. You gotta be prepared for that.

Plus when they get checked into the wall, it's cool to see right in front of you.

Unfortunately our York HS Wildcats lost 5-1.

It was a win for us for sure and we WILL go back again!

Have you been to a hockey game recently?

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