I couldn't believe what I saw. After all these years, I'm still finding these plastic discs! It's quite sad they are still washing up along area beaches.

Some of you may remember several years ago (March 2011 to be exact), countless plastic discs washed up along Hampton Beach (as well as beaches in Massachusetts). Well, on my walk a few days ago, I came across a lone disc as I strolled along a portion of North Beach in Hampton.

It was low tide, and there was a huge amount of seaweed along the shoreline. As I looked down (as I usually do when I'm walking on the beach because I'm always on the hunt for seaglass), I thought I spotted a perfectly intact sand dollar. As I got closer, I realized it wasn't a sand dollar.

karen kiley
karen kiley

It was seven years ago that thousands upon thousands of discs, used at a Hooksett sewage treatment plant began washing up on the beaches of Massachusetts and New Hampshire. The discs, which are used to collect bacteria washed out of the Hooksett sewage treatment plant due to an overflow from a rain storm.

Believe it or not, it was back in 2016 that I found one while strolling on the sidewalk at Hampton Beach. So, obviously, there are still countless discs still floating around the Atlantic Ocean.

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