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River Dave Was Only the Last in a Long Line of New Hampshire Hermits

The news has been abuzz with the goings-on of “River Dave” who was a widely known hermit that lived in Canterbury New Hampshire.  “River Dave” spent the last 30 years living off the land in a little cabin.  The stories of hermits fascinate me as they do Janice Brown of Merrimack according to concordmonitor.com.  She has a blog about them. There is always a story behind why people become hermits.  With “River Dave” it was the rumor of a marriage gone sour.  Most people want to blame a sad, romantic story on hermits, but some people just want to withdraw from society without any sad story.  They just want to be alone.


Things Turned out Well for “River Dave.”


While the fundraisers and a huge check from a millionaire have changed “River Dave” who has chosen not to go back to living the hermit life, others have lived out their dream of being off the grid for years.  I have always dreamed of being able to live off the grid, but my wife says you have to be handy and I am social, so I guess I’m not cut out for that sort of thing.   I also am a very picky eater.  I don’t like being too hot and bugs freak me out, so I suppose living off the grid is out of the question for me.


Other Famous New Hampshire Hermits


Although “River Dave” is getting all the attention, don’t forget some of the other hermits from our area.  One is Perley Swett.  According to concordmonitor.com, Janice Brown of Merrimack has been blogging about local hermits on her blog cowhampshireblog.com.  Janice actually visiting with Perley Swett before he died at the age of 85 back in 1973.  I can’t imagine an 85-year-old person living alone in the woods with no heat in these New England winters.  While I can dream about living off the grid, I am afraid Air Conditioning, hot showers, and fresh food will keep me from shying away from society.


Well so much for being a hermit, River Dave is now a celebrity. He had a meet and greet this past weekend in Warner NH. Speaking of celebrities check out this list of superstars spotted here in NH and Maine.

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