There's been news lately of a second stimulus check that might be coming.  A lot of hurdles still need to be jumped, and it's definitely not a done deal.  While all that is great, I'm still waiting on my first stimulus check!   I know I'm not alone.

According to, around 35 million people are still waiting for their stimulus check to arrive.

In my case, I had done my taxes with Turbo Tax for the past few years.  Since I don't have a lot of deductions and my taxes are pretty simple, this was a free and easy way to just do them myself.  In 2018, I asked for my return to be deposited on to a Turbo Tax Debit Card.   I didn't have a big return, and I thought it would just be easier.  Once I spent what was on the card, I tossed it. Turns out that was a mistake.  Even though my taxes for 2019 were attached to a bank account, the stimulus check was somehow sent to that long lost Turbo Tax Debit Card from 2018.

Months later, and about 50 phone calls, I'm still waiting for a replacement card.  I can tell the money is there, just no way to access it.  Yes, it's incredibly frustrating but hopefully some of my legwork and trying to find out where the heck my stimulus check went can help you with yours.

The first step was going to the IRS. They have a specific page where you can input your information to find out if your check was issued.  

Now, if you go there and it looks like your check was deposited into an account that you don't recognize, here's what I found out.  According to, if a stimulus payment goes to a bank account that has been closed, the bank must send the money back to the IRS. So, it may take a little longer, but eventually your check will get to you!

Hopefully you'll have better luck than I did, and we'll keep you updated on any news of another stimulus check headed your way!


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