The 15th Annual Sand Sculpture competition is underway this weekend at Hampton Beach. Find out when you can view the sculptures, vote for your favorite, and even catch some fireworks!

Hampton Beach Sand Sculpture competition
Darren McCollester / Getty Images

You can swing by today and tomorrow to watch artists from all over the country create amazing sculptures made of sand sourced from a local quarry. Using just this sand, glue and some water, artists started their work on Thursday and hope to land their share of a $15,000 purse.

If you haven't seen how great these sculptures are (or you know and want to see more), check out the galleries of past competitions at the Master Sand Sculpting Competition website. The sculptures will be illuminated at night and voting is underway Saturday from 1pm-4pm. The winners will be announced Saturday night at 8pm with fireworks scheduled for 9:30!

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