You might not know this about me, but in the year 2011 after I graduated college I had a "WHAT NOW?" moment. I wasn't ready to take on adulthood and all of the mundane responsibilities that go along with it. So I thought, "where is a place that encourages you to embrace your inner child? DISNEY WORLD! I'll work there". It was an interesting experience full of valuable life lessons such as how to survive off a package of Ramen noodles and a carton of eggs until my next paycheck. (turns out Mickey didn't pay very well. I assume he's the one to blame)

On my days off I would often go to the parks because I could get in for free and as I previously mentioned, I was broke as a joke. In the Magic Kingdom I saw little girls with their fresh makeovers from the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. They were transformed into Belle, Cinderella, or Snow White, and appeared to be living their best lives. I was in a dark spot and thought a princess makeover was what I needed to perk my spirits. I waltzed into the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and asked if their services were available for adults.The gals working at the salon weren't allowed to laugh in my face but they definitely had a hearty chuckle after I left. In their defense, I would have laughed at me too. The answer, of course, was "no".

Well, apparently there were enough weirdos like me because now these makeovers are available for grown ass women! It's called Character Couture! According to, adults are transformed into the princess (or villain) of their dreams through custom hair, makeup, and nail styling. Want to be Ursula, Moanna, or Tinkerbell!? The choice is yours!

After I worked there, Disney World seemed like a less magical place. To be honest, I never cared to go back. But now that they have THIS, I am currently searching for flights to Orlando.

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