I've been seeing these igloos at more and more restaurants and I think they are fantastic! If you are someone who doesn't feel comfortable dining indoors yet because of Covid, these igloos are the best of both worlds. At 603 Brewery in Londonderry, they want you to know that they are taking the necessary precautions to ensure that these igloos are sanitized and safe.


They took to their Facebook page to announce that starting this Fri Yay, (11/13) igloos are back and available for reservation only. There are eight available for booking during the cold weather months. Take a peek at their expectations and guidelines here.

They took the liberty of answering some frequently asked questions on their Facebook page to clear up any igloo confusion:

When are igloos available to rent? Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays

Is there a time limit? Yes, they are rented in 1 hour and 45 minute time blocks

Are there specific times I can rent an igloo? You are able to rent during their hours of operation (Fri-Sat 12-9pm and Sun.12-6pm).

How many people are allowed per igoo? two people minimum, six people maximum

Can I bring my dog? Yes. DUH!

Are the igloos heated? Each igloo is equipped with LED lights and heaters. However, they do recommend dressing warm on the colder days.

Is there a spending minimum? Yes, Igloo reservations require a $50 food and beverage minimum, igloo agreement signature and a CC authorization form. 

Can I call and book an igloo? Sadly, no. You must reserve them online.

In the igloo, you will have the option to order using a QR code that we have seen at many other restaurants during these Covid times. You also have the option of ordering directly from one of their inside bars for food and beer to be delivered to your igloo.

The igloo sanitation measures are being taken very seriously. 603 wants you to have a safe and comfortable experience. Each igloo has a UV-C/HEPA air filter. Igloos are fully cleaned and sanitized by a commercial cleaning crew, that means professionals! They use Royal Cleaning Services. They allow 30 minutes between reservations to give the cleaning crew enough to time sanitize and air out each igloo.

Have any more questions or are you ready to party Eskimo style? Hit up 603 Brewery Facebook for more info.

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