I don't watch Jeopardy! If you don't have an eidetic memory then watching Jeopardy! can make you feel pretty stupid. I'm also annoyed by a show that has an exclamation point as part of the show name.

But sooner or later, everyone has sat through an episode of the show. Or a Jeopardy!-themed sketch on Saturday Night Live. Either way, you wind up wondering two things about show host Alex Trebek.

1- Is he really as smart as he appears to be?

2- Is he a jerk?

If you watch the show "Hot In Cleveland" on TV Land, you know at least one of those answers. The show is pretty funny, Betty White is still great and I've had a raging crush on Valerie Bertinelli since "One Day At A Time". Which isn't creepy since we're about the same age. In fact, while Ms. Bertinelli isn't aware of  it... She counts as my longest relationship ever. Anyway, Trebek did a guest-star turn on "Hot In Cleveland" last season. It was the season-opener and it was live! By the way... a live scripted show deserves an exclamation point, a game show title does not. Bottom line here is that Trebek played himself and was able to laugh at himself, made the audience and some of the cast members laugh, and looked like he was having a great time. You can't really pull something like that off if you're a total jerk.

That leave us with the first question. Do we think he's as smart as he appears to be? Looks like a big fat "no" on that one. Turns out he's just the consummate card-monkey. Whatever is on those cards they hand him is what you're going to get. His cards were apparently in the wrong order and during the "who are these people playing?" portion of the show wound up asking the wrong person about their background. Weird thing is, the woman kind of went along with it. Apparently being smart enough to be on Jeopardy! also means you're smart enough to BS Alex Trebek.

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