WMUR.com has published is Viewers’ Choice award for best nachos in 2020 and the top five contenders are sure to please any nacho aficionado. Coming in at number 5 on the list is La Corona in Rochester, I'm gonna have to check out La Corona that's pretty close to where I live and just judging from the photo from La Corona it looks really good.  At number 4 viewers chose the Copper Pig Brewery in Lancaster which the special is the smoked pulled pork nachos. Which makes sense coming from a place called The Cooper Pig Brewery. At number 3 the nachos with chili, grilled chicken, buffalo chicken, pulled pork or black beans are available at the Lucky Dog Tavern & Grill in Plymouth.

At number 2 in the poll was Hermanos in Concord. The fans love the selection of nachos there especially the garlic chicken nachos. Drum roll, please…. The number 1 nacho as selected by WMUR.com viewer is The Panther Pub & Grille in Plymouth! There is wide selection there including buffalo, veggie and Irish. Now I am hungry for nachos. Whichever of the top 5 you choose you are sure to enjoy the pockets of deliciousness that are the wonder food of nachos.


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