WOW!!!  What are the odds?!

Well, according to the story from WMTW, the odds are 1 in 100 MILLION that you'll catch a white lobster.  Also according to the story, the lobstermen that caught it, put it back in the ocean.  I'm so glad to hear that!

I would never be able to eat it and if I caught it.  My first reaction would be to put it back in the ocean, but I admit, I also would kinda want to keep it as a pet.  It looks like a huge opal!  It would have the best lobster life ever.  (except for the fact that I pulled it out of it's natural habitat and all....)

Now that we're on the subject - I love lobster as much as the next guy, but I admit, I can't really stand to see them climb all over each other in the big tank at the grocery store.  It makes me feel bad.  To relieve the carnivorous guilt I have, sometimes I'll think, that they must be saying, 'oh excuse me, pardon me, excuse me - did I step on you? my bad.,' etc., etc.  Then I giggle and buy some butter and lemon.



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