Have you noticed a boom in the population of turkeys in our parts?

In an article from National Geographic, it was reported that wild turkeys are making a big comeback in New Hampshire.

The birds, which were nearly wiped out in New England during the Civil War have made a strong comeback. Part of their demise was the ever-shrinking habitat and the other factor was hunting with no regulation, the article stated.

For instance, in the 17th Century hunters could kill as many as 10 or 18 turkeys a day.

Back in 1975, Ted Walski, a biologist for New Hampshire Fish and Game, had an idea to release 25 turkeys back into the wild in Walpole, according to National Geographic.  He had collected the turkeys from the Allegheny Forest in upstate Western Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Walski here we are, years later with a population of approximate 40,000!

Their population has grown in large part due to the bird’s ability to adapt to suburban life, raiding bird feeders and living in the small open wooded spaces between neighborhoods, the article reported.  They have also lost most of their predators since the wolf and cougar population has mostly disappeared.

Not everyone is thrilled, according to the article from National Geographic.  The birds are causing traffic disruptions (they love looking at their reflection in cars) and can be a bit territorial pecking at people’s front doors. I like to see wildlife coming back, but I will be happy to see one on my table this Thanksgiving.

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