Is it a sign of the times?

Sadly, a Manchester, New Hampshire, restaurant, Chelby’s Pizza may have to close if it can’t find a cook.

The iconic business has lost another one of its cooks, according to

So many restaurants have been lost it is tragic to see some that have made it through the pandemic that just can’t hold on any longer because of a lack of help.

Chelby’s Restaurant is not alone


It could be the fallout of the pandemic.  Some say the unemployment benefits are too good to leave for work.  Others chalk up the staffing shortages on some lower-wage jobs as people are just not willing to work for lower-wage jobs anymore and are seeking other opportunities.  Some people have spent the lockdown reevaluating their life choices and have decided to go in another direction professionally.

Small businesses that pay a good wage need our help.  We need locals to pitch in and take some of these jobs to keep the businesses alive.

Those who have survived the pandemic lockdowns could really use some help to get back on solid footing.

Not just Restaurants

It’s not just restaurants that are suffering.  The Health care community is facing massive staff shortages.  Many nurses are just leaving the profession due to burnout.  Who can blame them?

This pandemic has been the toughest on those fighting on the front lines. The face of so many small to medium towns will be changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Restaurants like Chelby’s are struggling to hold on, but the landscape will really change if we lose any more of these places that we have just taken for granted.

We just assume they will always be there.

According to If you are a cook with some experience, head over to Chelby’s.  They are waiting for you.

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