Rain is in the forecast, and that might call for an hour, two, or season long binge on shows. Will you be watching new Hampshire's most popular Hulu show?

There's an amazing number of options available. With Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others, it can get a tad overwhelming. I've found myself cutting back severely on shows, scripted, and reality. This isn't out of some perceived moral higher ground of "I don't watch TV," it's really just become too much of a good thing. Maybe it's because I grew up with three channels (on a good day). In the early 90's, Bruce Springsteen wrote about "57 channels with nothin' on." The idea of ONLY 57 options seems far gone. This doesn't mean I don't love a good TV binge, it's where to start!

All of that said, we're consuming more content than ever. Centurylink.com recently ranked every state's favorite Hulu exclusive. Here in New Hampshire, we're enamored with "The Path." We share this with other states like Idaho, New Jersey, Montana, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Massachusetts is ALL over "The Mindy Project," while Mainers are onto "The Handmaid's Tale."



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