Don't know what a Push Present is? From the reaction on the air this morning, and on the WOKQ Facebook page, a lot of people don't, and once they found out, they thought it was ridiculous. Anyway, a Push Present is a gift given by a man after his wife or significant other gives birth to their child.

Despite that, most women felt like it was stupid and selfish to get a Push Present.


I can assure you this isn't something new. I was introduced to the Push Present 17 years ago when my oldest son, Jack, was born. My ex-wife joked that I was going to owe her a big gift for pushing out such a big baby. (Jack was 9 lbs. 9 oz.)

I'm sure she wasn't really expecting anything, and although I can't remember now what it was, I know I did give her something. And I did it again, two years later when Nick was born. Although that one was a little less expensive since he was only 9 lbs. 6 oz.

Many of the comments on Facebook say that a healthy baby should be enough for the new mom. And yes, I think we all agree a healthy baby is a blessing. But, ladies, isn't it nice that your man acknowledges you, and wants to thank you for all of the sacrifices you made during the pregnancy? Have you forgotten about the morning sickness, the swollen feet, the lack of sleep?

And let's not forget the BIG one: actually pushing that baby out of your body. Those of you that got C-Sections, come on. That wasn't easy either.

Whether or not you think a Push Present is ridiculous or not, I still think it's a wonderful gesture. After watching the births of my two sons, I had a new found appreciation for women, and in particular the mother of my boys. While we may no longer be married, I will always be grateful for the two amazing gifts she gave me. That respect and admiration is forever, even if our marriage is not.

If you have a thought on the Push Present -- pro or con -- I'd love to read your comments.

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