What's better than seeing your favorite country artist at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford?

Seeing them closer. Up front. In person. With the ability to touch their sweat...

Okay too far. But seriously, how amazing is seeing your favorite artist from a front section? If you never have, fear not.

One thing we, WOKQ, love to do is show you love as listeners. Whether we are throwing t-shirts, giveaways, taking pics, or entering raffles, if we can give YOU (our listener) something as a keepsake or memory, we will do it.

This past Friday, Thomas Rhett came to the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion with Parker McCollum and Connor Smith. I, Logan from Kira and Logan in the Morning, had the absolute pleasure of finding a twosome in the lawn to upgrade to the first section.

I must tell you, this was harder and much more fun than you think.

1. There were a lot of large groups - not as many pairs as I expected.

2. The lawn was so fun on Friday night of TR. I mean, everyone was jamming, moving, grooving, drinking, and living it up.

I wanted to rush the stage with everyone.

My mission was complete when I found these two. They were sitting next two each other, very cutely, and enjoying the show in peace.

Until I showed up...

It was super cool to do this and receive such a fun reaction. The couple was actually with a group; however, everyone in the group was thrilled to see their friends score some seat upgrades.

Be on the look out for Kira and Logan in the morning whenever you are at a WOKQ event.

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