Well, this is not something you see everyday.

According to Seacoast Online, things got pretty interesting at a primary voting site in Exeter, New Hampshire, on Tuesday when a woman strolled into Talbot Gymnasium at Old Exeter High School rocking a t shirt that said "McCain Hero, Trump Zero".

The town moderator told the woman that she's not allowed to wear a shirt with a political candidate on it while she voted because it is considered electioneering, the news site stated. The woman then pointed at another person who was wearing an American flag tee shirt and asked why there was a problem with the shirt she was wearing but not the American flag shirt, according to Seacoast online. The moderator began to explain himself and the dispute escalated.

Then the woman said, "Do you want me to take it off?," according to Seacoast Online, and the moderator said he would rather she didn't. He was going to ask her to go out into the hallway and turn it inside out but before he had the chance she quick;y ripped her shirt off and went into the voting booth topless.

The news article stated that people reacted with wide eyes and a few people let out an audible, "whoa".

Her act of topless voting was a violation of the public indecency law in New Hampshire, according to Seacoast Online, but instead of getting the police involved the moderator just let her vote. He didn't want to further escalate the situation.

The moderator admitted that as the day was winding down he and the other poll workers had a laugh about the bizarre incident. No one had ever seen anything like it!

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