I hate going inside a porta potty even when I really have to go. Maybe it's because when I was 13 years-old, two bullies held the door closed on a porta potty after I made a quick pit stop while taking a shortcut through a construction site. They kept rocking it...trying to tip it over...until a cop spotted them and scared them away. Since that day, a porta potty is my last resort.

Roger Kisby /Getty Images
Roger Kisby /Getty Images

So imagine my surprise when I heard about this woman. She went in one and locked herself inside for two days! But it was for a good cause. She’s a college professor…and she locked herself inside the porta potty to  raise money for a student who needed a new wheelchair. He’s outgrown the one he's had since he was 11. He suffers from cerebral palsy and the old wheelchair is so small and uncomfortable.

The professor had set a goal of $25,000. And she exited the porta potty after raising $29,000. She says she was a bit sweaty and a little weak, and it was a bit nasty. But they got enough money for the new wheelchair…so even I think it was all worth it.

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