Jake Deware was a special guy.  He was really only 20 when he passed away following a dirt bike accident.  Needless to say, his family was devastated.  His mother Jennifer Deware tells WMUR.com of her son, “They said that Jake poured a gallon of life into a pint jar, and that’s true.” The family has found a way of remembering and honoring Jake with the Jake Deware Kindness Project.  The way it works is that people perform random acts of kindness and leave a card with Jake’s name on it in the wake of their kind act.  This way, Jake lives on, spreading acts of kindness throughout the world.


The act of kindness can be anything from shoveling snow for a neighbor to delivering and stacking hay for an elderly resident.  You can discover more information from the hundreds that follow and comment on the Jake Deware Kindness Project Facebook Page.  Jennifer tells WMUR.com that “It puts a smile on my face, it warms my heart, it gives me tears.  I feel like he’s truly happy seeing this.”  It’s not just a local project. People from as far away as Tampa, Florida have requested the cards.


The Jake Deware Kindness Project is helping the family heal from the tragic loss of their son at such a young age.  Word has spread about the project far and wide and even reached Randy Travis and his wife who have reached out to the Deware family to offer their support.  If you would like more information, or to request some Jake Deware Kindness Project cards, you can email JDkindnessproject@rowellservices.com.



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