Okay, so maybe not actual true-to-life snow but...it sure did look like a winter's day in Dorchester recently.

As you can see below WHDH in Boston tweeted out pictures of a neighborhood in Dorchester. The sidewalks and streets were snow-covered and yes, even little snowbanks could be seen.

Don't worry, we're not having an October snowstorm. Hollywood was in town. Mark Wahlberg is back in his hometown filming the movie, 'Wonderland.' There's no definite word on when the movie will be released.

According to WHDH, 'Wonderland' is a film adaption of the Ace Atkins novel, Robert B. Parker's Wonderland.' How many of you remember the 80's TV drama, 'Spenser' for Hire' starring Robert Urich? Well, Robert B. Parker wrote the 'Spenser' books, which were used to inspire the TV show. I loved all the 'Spenser' books, so I hope Mark Wahlberg does this novel justice.


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