Country singer Trace Adkins has been heavily involved with the Wounded Warrior Project for years. I wonder if he will have something to say about this. 

According to a CBS News Investigation, Erick Millette, a New Hampshire native, former combat vet and former Wounded Warrior Project employee, helped blow the whistle on over the top expenditures.

Millette says: “I want to make sure these brave men and women are taken care of.

The article states that financial reports show the Wounded Warrior Project spent more than $26 million in 2014 on conferences, meetings and events for staff members.

Trace Adkins on the Wounded Warriors Project:
“I consider it one of my life’s great honors to volunteer my time for those who have served and sacrificed for this great country,” said Adkins. “Many of these brave young heroes struggle with both the visible and invisible wounds of war and Wounded Warrior Project has stepped up to help them. For that, they have my gratitude and my support.”

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