Believe it or not, I was trapped inside the Hampton Police Department on Sunday after the Special Olympics of New Hampshire's Penguin Plunge! Allow me to give you the play-by-play. 

Every year, the Hampton PD is gracious enough to let the 'celebrity judges' use their locker rooms to shower and change so we can get back to the Casino Ballroom and get the awards portion of the day underway.  Thankfully, Mark Ericson and WMUR Meteorologists Mike Haddad and Kevin Skarupa can do quick wardrobe changes! (I'm a girl, there's no such thing as a quick wardrobe change)

Long story short, Hampton PD forgot I was there and locked me in!  I couldn't get out of the parking lot because the gates were locked!  I couldn't call anyone because I didn't have my phone.

Luckily, Megan "former producer Bunch" Brady was helping us at the Penguin Plunge and realized I should have been at the awards ceremony.  She walked over to the police department and found me trapped behind the locked gates.  She was able to find an officer, who opened the gates for me, I ran out like I had been jailed for decades for a crime I didn't commit.  It was an emotional reunion.

I got to the Casino Ballroom just as Mark wrapped up the awards ceremony.  So, congratulations to ALL the plungers and volunteers.  you make me proud to be part of this event.  I just have to make sure I shower quicker next year!

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