Our 2014 Year of Service Award winner, End 68 Hours of Hunger became a national story this week on NBC News.

As a result of the NBC News broadcast, Claire Bloom reports that she was approached by people from 11 states and 20 communities interested in starting programs. In addition, $4,780 in donations were made through their website!

Who is End 68 Hours of Hunger?

End 68 Hours of Hunger is a non profit voluntary effort to end childhood hunger in America. The program aims to fill the gap between the 68 hours of hunger that many children undergo between their free school lunch on Friday afternoon to their free school breakfast on Monday morning.

How does it work?

The End 68 Hours of Hunger process occurs each week. Volunteers purchase the food, package the bags and deliver them to Elementary schools which distribute them to the select children in need.

Director Claire Bloom founded this program in October 2011, feeding 19 local children. By 2013, the effort expanded tremendously feeding over 700 children per week across the state of New Hampshire. With over 350 volunteers, End 68 Hours of Hunger was brought to Maine and most recently California.

How you can help...

End 68 Hours of Hunger are constantly looking for more volunteers and help with their fundraising events. Check their online calendar regularly as new events are added every day. You can also donate directly to their website.

The program staff envisions a bright future with hopes of expanding to at least five new communities as well as developing new sources of food and revenue.

We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with such a successful program and are eager to increase participation and donations this year!

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