Tonight is a big night for pretty much everyone I know.  I mean, who doesn't at least want a CHANCE at 1.6 BILLION dollars?  You have a better chance of getting three holes in one, becoming an A-List Movie Star or getting elected President of the United States, according to a story from the Today show.

If you DO, however, win, you could buy any property here in NH several times over.  As a matter of fact, you can buy the MOST EXPENSIVE property several times over.  It's in the Lakes Region and you could have your ENTIRE family visit all year 'round and probably never see them.

I didn't even know that property like this existed in NH, but it does.  I mean, holy, moly - look at this staircase!

and this... I don't even know what to call this part of the house??  The Lobby?  GEESH!

Zillow - Agent: Kristin H. Claire

Is this a dining room?  What the?  It kinda looks like a room you'd see in Game of Thrones!  MAN, I should request a showing, but I'm pretty certain that I do, I'd need to be pre-qualified and until I win tonight, chances are, I'll only get to see the pics.

Zillow - Agent: Kristin H. Claire