Face it, bat selfies are going to look great this Halloween on Instagram.

In the days of holding a festival for pretty much anything you can imagine, there will actually be a festival celebrating a creature many of us flip out over, bats. According to their website, the first ever New Hampshire Bat Festival will happen on Saturday October 20th.  Hosted by Franklin Pierce University on its Rindge, NH campus, and all ages of the public are invited.

That's right! You'll be able to not only see live bats, but also take part in hands-on demonstrations while you learn from bat biologists.

In addition to the fun, expect an education. Per the Franklin Pierce website, New Hampshire is home to 8 species of bats, all of which are of conservation concern. Cave-hibernating bats in New Hampshire have been decimated by white-nose syndrome, and winter surveys of bat hibernacula have documented major population declines in recent years.

The event runs 11am- 2p. Also, while we're talking photos, future awkward family photos come to mind.


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