Ever get stuck at a crossing and wonder where the train is headed? What's life like on the train? If you're willing to relocate, you could find out, AND grab a huge payday!

The job market has become historically tight. According to the Wall Street Journal, Union Pacific Corp. and BNSF Railway are offering up to $25,000 in signing bonuses to new employees. BNSF Railway has hiring incentives starting at $15,000 and Union Pacific Corp.'s incentives start as high as $25,000.

Before you get super exited, none of the jobs are in either New Hampshire, Maine, or Massachusetts. In fact, all of them are over a thousand miles away towards the western half of the United States. Plus, it's a commitment. The Wall Street Journal says Union Pacific Corp. bonuses are being paid out over time and the company keeps employees at specific locations for three years. Anyone who leaves before the three years is up has to pay back the bonuses.



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