Though created in 1988, I am a 90's kid through and through. Nicktoons, butterfly clips, dunkaroos and tamagotchis, that was my childhood in a nutshell. So you can imagine my sheer delight when I saw that a 90's bar crawl is happening in Portsmouth on April 21st!

What does a 90's bar crawl entail, you ask? Well just a bunch of 90's kids celebrating the best of the 90's. Come bust out your favorite Adidas windbreaker or denim overalls and Get Jiggy to "NOW That's What I Call Music" Volumes 1-10. Participating bars will have 90's themed drink specials.

Tickets start at just $20.00 but the price will increase as the event gets closer so purchase those bad boys sooner rather than later. Get more info at 90's Bar Crawl on Facebook, and I hope to boogie with you on the dancefloor to some old school N*SYNC! TTFN! LYLAS! *143*

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