I didn't grow up in the Lilac City, but it's pretty clear that Royal Pizza House, fondly referred to as "Royals" on the corner of South Main and Portland Street, was an institution! It was a sad day about eight years ago when they hung a cardboard sign on their front door that said 'Closed For Rest'. It has remained that way ever since.

Rochester native and former radio dude (now mailman) Aaron Lapierre once described Royal's pizza as "a tangy blend of mozzarella and cheddar with a sauce that was somehow both sweet and bold. The crust, arguably the best part, was thick and homemade with love."

AJ Small took to the You KNOW you're from Rochester NH if you... group on Facebook to share this nostalgic photo with the caption, "I was just reminiscing about grabbing a pizza at Royals and warming up after the Christmas Parade. Ahh the good Ol days."

AJ Small via Facebook
AJ Small via Facebook

The picture got so much love, and had people reminiscing in the comments about their fantastic food and atmosphere. As I read through people's fond memories, I learned that Royals was owned by three dudes named Mike, Louie, and Pete. They were the nicest guys, and always made the restaurant feel warm and welcoming. If you became a regular, they remembered everything about you! It had the Cheers vibe where everybody knows your name. Since they closed their doors, many people have searched for pizza that is comparable to Royals, but to no avail.

Tj Missy Garland left a comment with the most brilliant idea!

"Best thing that could happen is to re-open using the EXACT same recipe and keep the interior retro to the last time it was open. I bet $ this would be AWESOME "

YES!! Somebody do this, please! I must taste this iconic pizza from yesteryear.

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