This sucker is so good at camouflage, that I almost didn't see the scariest thing ever!

I don't know if you can get how big this scary monster is, but it's big. I would say including it's giant leg span, 3-4 inches in diameter. So, what is it?


This was at camp. Way up north in Aroostook County. It's on a lake. I tell you this, so you can narrow your search down to find out if I should bring a giant net next time to try and catch this massive intruder.

It's 2020. It wouldn't surprise me if this is some brand new species that JUST appeared. I mean, COVID-19, racial unnrest, an asteroid heading our way, a politically divided country, murder hornets, hurricanes...why not giant man eating spiders?

I don't know what the diet is of this giant, hairy scary-ass spider is, but I'm pretty sure it's flesh. If you have anyway of calming me down and letting me know this huge gynormous spider eats only lettuce, that would be great.



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