I'm a radio nerd. Growing up, being on the air is all I wanted to do. Then again, in the same time frame, I wanted to be a truck driver, dentist, and the doorman at Gibbs. (The gas station, not the NASCAR team) Radio is what stuck.


If you've scanned my OKQ profile, you know I grew up in the area, and the station was always on. Now, if baseball players spend endless hours throwing pitches and taking swings, aspiring radio kids are glued to the speaker taking in the music, DJ's, and everything about the station. Sometime around age 9 or 10, I decided to set up shop in my bedroom. I started pretending I was on WOKQ, but my parents suggested to come up with my own station. Being a Sanford kid, the slam dunk call letters were instantly WSAN. I bought 33's 45's from Ames, and played everything I listened to. I guess you could say it was the original "shuffle" format. Everything from Ronnie Milsap, Alabama, and the pictured Dukes of Hazzard soundtrack (multiple cuts!) to Prince, MJ, and Springsteen.

This week, the pic below came up on my Timehop. This will likely be the cover of the album I'll never make :)

Radio stud...circa 1986 in my bedroom makeshift studio. Got the bug early.

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