Man, I love that term. I was born and raised in Massachusetts. Being called a "Masshole" is a term of endearment. People are told they are a Masshole and feel proud, like they belong.

What other state has as great of a nickname for the people who live there?


So, if being called a Masshole does not annoy people from Massachusetts, what does?

A lot.

For one, poor driving. I mean, I think people from Long Island are the world's worst drivers, but there are many people that will say Massachusetts locals are.

Why? Well, people from Massachusetts are stereotypically in a rush, and willing to flip off the slow driver in front of them.

What about the idiots who drive Uhauls on Storrow Drive?

I guarantee I just triggered a few Bostonians. "Storrowing" has been a phrase talked about a lot in the news, because it happens over and over again.

It causes crazy traffic and issues on one of the busiest roads in the city.

While some things annoy all Massachusetts folks, some things annoy people based on area.

For example, people from Boston will get annoyed when people who live an hour from the city say they are "from Boston."

No. No, they are not.

Similarly, people from Westen, Massachusetts...well, they just get annoyed they don't get any recognition in Massachusetts. It's as if that is its own state.

"Wait, what is in Western Massachusetts?"

See the top 20 things that will annoy anyone from Massachusetts below. All answers came from Massholes themselves, so don't shoot the messenger.

20 Things That Annoy People From Massachusetts

These are the things that will annoy people from Massachusetts the most.

Gallery Credit: Logan

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