Picture from 20/20 abc news FB page
Picture from 20/20 ABC news FB page

It seems decades-old cases are making headline news again. I just wrote a story about a Dateline NBC story featuring the cold case of the murder of Massachusetts teaching assistant Lisa Ziegert and the subsequent trial and guilty plea of Gary E. Schara. Now, 20/20 of ABC is reviving the Pamela Smart case with a two hour special this Friday at 9 pm according to eonline.com.

It seems crime is high with the television rating system. The nation was captivated by the murder of Gregg Smart in Derry New Hampshire and the trial of Pamela Smart and co-defendants three decades ago. It was the first trial that was televised from start to finish. Three of Smart's co-defendants are out of jail, but she is still in and will remain so.

The tease line to the interview per eonline.com is 20/20 reporter Chang stating, “Turns out there is one thing Pam Smart can do today that could give her the chance to get out of jail.” I’m guessing that she would have to admit to her involvement in the crime to qualify for parole but that is just guessing on my part.

I saw the clip promoting the interview and I question how a woman in jail gets acrylic nails done and hair dye with jewelry. Seriously, what kind of jail is she in? The trailer advertising the show says it promises new details and interviews with Pamela Smart’s mother, her attorney and Paul Maggiotto, a former New Hampshire assistant attorney general who prosecuted her.

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