With all of us pretty much confined to our homes for the better part (or all of, actually) Summer 2020 yesterday with the pandemic still beating us down into quarantine, we were robbed of our usual Maine and New Hampshire 4th of July awesomeness.

What is usually a jam-packed destination between beaches, mountains, lakes, and family BBQs essentially became a ghost town of nothing and people lighting off fireworks at their own homes, whether legal or not (if illegal fireworks was the worst we did during a quarantine lockdown, I consider it a success.)

But we have MUCH better footing in the Summer of 2021, with restrictions being lifted almost on the daily now, and TONS of different plans and events happening all over the Granite State and Vacationland.

That said, here are 25 events happening in both Maine and New Hampshire for the upcoming 4th of July Weekend. Enjoy and be safe!

25 Epic 4th of July 2021 Weekend Events Happening in Maine and New Hampshire

We're finally allowed to bust out and enjoy life! Here's a list of 25 events happening in Maine and New Hampshire for 2021's 4th of July Weekend!

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