The following list should serve as a test to see how old you are. Here are 4 great Dover NH restaurants that locals still rave about.

4 Great Dover Restaurants That No Longer Exist

Whenever I think of Weeks Restaurant, I remember a classmate of mine had his birthday dinner party there, in 1979?, and the staff all walked out and sang a personalized Happy Birthday song to him, along with a gigantic sundae.

Of course, this is a common practice at many chain restaurants around the country and is probably now seen as 'corny' or 'old hat'. In the eyes of 6 year old A-Train though? I thought my friend Roger was more famous than the president after that performance.

Even I am too young to remember 'Burger Chef' being at the now 7/11 location at the end of Fifth Street. But you know what's wicked cool? Check out the architecture when you watch this historical piece below.

The frame and roof are unmistakably the same!

Three or more convenience stores have been at that locale for as long as I can remember and it's still the same Burger Chef design! Must have been built to last.

Unfortunately, Hardee's purchased all the remaining 'Burger Chef' restaurants by 1981. Sadly, I wasn't able to find the exact year that they vacated in Dover.

One thing that forever departed when Weeksie's Pizza closed in 2019 was the access to the 'Foodee's Pizza' formula. The small regional chain Foodee's predated Weeksie's in that same location and the pizza recipe was unchanged. And it was amazing.

There's a British Pub there now that I must check out, as it does me no good to pine away for long ago times, and one can work up a tremendous thirst in the process!

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