Stories like this always amaze me. To be so thoughtful and selfless at a young age is a testament to how you were raised. It is clear that Connor, a 4th grader at Interlakes School District, was raised very well.

The photo below was shared on the u local New Hampshire Facebook page, along with a story that has since gone viral.

Kyrsten Brunt‎ via u local New Hampshire
Kyrsten Brunt‎ via u local New Hampshire

Connor expressed that he wanted to donate $20 of his own money to buy food for a local food pantry. Do remember what it felt like to have $20 when you were 10-years-old? You were basically Oprah! Connors parents were thrilled when they heard his idea and decided they would match his efforts and throw in $20 too. They went and bought $42 worth of non perishable items (shown in the picture). Word got out about Connor and his good deed and other people wanted to hop aboard the kindness train! Friends, family members, even local businesses donated money towards Connor's cause. Now he has $600 to donate to local food pantries!

YAY, Connor! You made a BIG difference in your community, dude. WOKQ thinks you rock!

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