Jimmie Allen and Charlie Worsham are the stars of our first Sunset Sessions Country Concert July 28th in Dover, presented by Your Line-X Dealers of New Hampshire. Jimmie, while may seem new to some, has actually been around a few years. Here are 5 reasons he going to leave a big impression July 28th at Chameleon Club above Cara's Irish Pub.

1. Brag Factor

It's obvious "Last Shot" is going to blow up. It's already happening, and Jimmie's going to be an artist you can say you "saw when he was just starting out.

2. Perseverance 

According to his Wikipedia page, Jimmie experienced poverty and often lived out of his car. Since getting a deal, things are a little sunnier.

3. 28-3

Who remembers the 2017 Super Bowl? EVERYONE. Who remembers getting a check for writing a song that played in a commercial during it? That's right, Jimmie Allen.

4. Grand Ole Opry Legit

Anyone can claim to be a country star, but you know you're something when you're playing the Grand Ole Opry. He'll be a few weeks fresh from his debut by the time he visits us.

5. Life At Sea Level

Before moving to Nashville, Jimmie grew up in Delaware. Most of the state is not even 60 feet above sea level. In fact, much of it IS at sea level.


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