It's Chio here! I'm the new guy on the 97.5 morning show (you know, Chio and Kira in the morning). While I look forward to meeting you all at one of our events and concerts, and to get to tell you thanks for being a loyal listener, I thought I'd reveal a few things about me you should definitely know.

1. Standout baseball player in high school

I love pretty much all sports but was only good at one, so the only organized sport I played was baseball. And I did pretty good.

I was a standout high school baseball player in Florida. I was a four-year letterman and won MVP from 10th grade on. Going pro was definitely on my mind, but then I lost my passion and starting being a DJ at high school parties. So, without passion, there was no shot at playing baseball at a higher level. I probably should of stuck to baseball, you know, more $$$$$.

2. Stole 42 bases out of 42 attempts during my senior year of baseball

I'm on the heavy side now, but as a senior, I stole 42 out of 42 attempts (stealing bases). I was skinny and quick at 160 pounds. Not that I was the fastest kid in the world, but I pretty much stole the bases on the pitchers' mistakes. if you know about baseball, you'll know what I mean.

3. Went to broadcasting school instead of college

I truly enjoyed high school. I was popular and had lots of friends, but I knew that no schooling would prepare me to be a radio DJ, so instead of college, I went to a broadcasting school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, called Brown Institute. It was an eight-month course, and I've been a DJ ever since.

4. Married my wife twice

I met my wife at a station Christmas party. We were just kids and had no idea what the heck we were doing, got married three months later (yep, we dated for only three months), got divorced in 2013, and remarried three years later in 2016. We have never been happier.

5. My parents are Jehovah's Witnesses

As a kid growing up, I never celebrated Christmas/Easter/Halloween/birthdays because of my parents being Jehovah's Witnesses! They perceive those to be pagan holidays. As an adult, to my parents disappointment, I never became one. To this day, my mom tries to convert me.

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