I woke up Sunday morning, and I really didn't have anything to do, and I love driving. So can you guess what I did?

So I drive a Mini Cooper S and I googled Mini Cooper car clubs in New Hampshire, and it took me to a mini car club FB page. It said the club was getting ready to do a Mount Washington Auto road trip weekend of June 21, but I won't be in town that weekend.

I also found out that anyone can go anytime, so I headed to Gorham, New Hampshire, on the Spaulding Turnpike.

It was sooo much fun driving there, and of course, driving up Mount Washington Auto Road. The scenery is beautiful. I also learned a few things after I got a goody bag with some fun facts and a CD.

6. They call it the road to the sky because you are literally in the sky about 1 mile up: 6288 feet.

5. It opened in 1861.

4. The average snowfall is over 281 feet.

3. The first automobile ascent (powered car) was made in 1899 by F.O. Stanley in his famous steamer. That, by the way, is the Stanley as in Stanley Steamer.

2. The Summit at Mount Washington is the highest peak in the entire North East

1. The highest wind ever observed by man was recorded here on April 12, 1934, at 231 mph.

I went on a cloudy day so my view from the top of the summit wasn't great. I plan on going again, and I would highly recommend you go, too.

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