We in New Hampshire have strong sense of pride in our little state and sometimes it comes down to three little numbers. Can you even imagine having to split the state up with another another area code?


There was concern that we might run out of numbers by 2020 thus requiring a second area code, but the NH Public Utilities Commission says it now it looks like we should be safe until at least 2032.

As The Concord Monitor noted, this is good news for the 134 companies that include 603 as part of their name. You should also check out their explanation as to why the numbers are more limited than you might think!

While the fight about how to split the state based on area codes is on hold for now, it brings up a curious question: how would they do it? Perhaps all of Manchester and Hillsborough would change and the rest to remain the same? Fortunately, that's nothing to concern yourself with for now as 603 will remain our lone area code (and self-identifying digits) for years to come.

And Super Secret Project don't have to recut this song, so there's that too.

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